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The Dahabiyya "Hadeel"

Dahabiyya Hadeel on the Nile River

Note (3-31-09)
Just returned a few days ago, and the trip was WONDERFUL!
The Dahabiyya Hadeel is beautiful and the voyage EXCEEDED
expectations in every regard!  Will be posting pictures in
next few days.  Please check back!

We will make this once-in-a-lifetime journey on a beautiful dahabiyya, just like the travelers and aristocrats of the early 20th century.  Or Agatha Christie's characters in Death on the Nile. 

Although we are explorers at heart, we can enjoy and appreciate the creature comforts of sailing in style, free to indulge our curiousity and visit the hard-to-get-to places on the Nile riverfront without having to worry about complicated expedition logistics.

The dahabiyyas (often spelled dahabeahs or dahabiyas) are beautifully-crafted two-masted sailboats that allow us to explore the Nile in a small intimate sailing vessel.

We'll be under sail power much of the time (of course that depends on the winds!), and get to watch the Nile riverbanks pass by us from down near the water level.

S/S Hadeel Sailing on the Nile

Hadeel at Mooring

We are after a unique experience, with views from near the waterline, and the ability to moor at small private moorings and to stay overnight at some of the many islands in the Nile.

Our ancient soul cries out for a connection to the landscape and to the ancient river.  We need to be part of the surroundings, not just watching from afar.

With our small group of like-minded adventurers, we search out a more intimate way to make this journey.

We chose the S/S Hadeel after much research, attracted by its intimate size, its decor and its amenities.

It is one of the newest sailing vessels on the river, launched in late 2007. 

And its 7-night itinerary gives us much more time to explore the sights than the 3-night, 4-night, or 5-night itineraries offered on many other Nile cruises.


Sundeck on Hadeel Another view of sundeck on Hadeel

The Hadeel is a small vessel, only 150 feet long and 24 feet wide, and with only 8 passenger cabins.

Each one has its own ensuite bathroom including shower, toilet, hand basin, and hairdryer. There is a private safety deposit box and air-conditioning in each cabin.

The Dahabiyya Hadeel has a stylish lounge with traditional colonial style decor, a dining room, and jacuzzi, with lots of room on the partially-shaded top deck to lay out on deck chairs or sit at tables to watch the everchanging Nile views.


Hadeel twin cabin Lounge on Dahabea Hadeel

There is an experienced crew of 10 to attend to all our needs, including an onboard chef who is expert at both international and Egyptian cuisine. 

While we are onboard the Hadeel, we have breakfast, lunch, dinner included each day, so we can spend our time sightseeing or journalling or just enjoying the view.

Plus, we have our own onboard Egyptologist, to give us the most expert and informative tours of the sites that we visit (all tours and admissions and sightseeing are included)


Hadeel Dining Room Jacuzzi on Hadeel
Hadeel's Sundeck

There is lots more information at the Dahabiyya Hadeel's website:


Be sure to check their Multimedia page. They have many more great pictures and even a video.

Note 3-31-09:  We had a wonderful experience in every regard.  All arrangements were perfect.  Nile Heritage and its sister agency Executive Travel were extremely helpful.  The Hadeel is even MORE beautiful than its pictures.  Would not hesitate to recommend to other travelers.  Please contact us if you would like more information about our experience. 


Join us for this unique Nile Cruise!
Dates are March 11-22, 2009. 
Space is limited, and filling quickly!
For registration information, please email us at:

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