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One of the most exciting finds in recent weeks has been a live streaming webcam located on the island of Mykonos.  This webcam requires a high-speed web connection (cable or DSL), and rewards the viewer with live footage of Mykonos town, its windmills, harbor, and out to sea.  It seems to continuously pan around the town, and focus in closely on several of its famous sights.  Other times, the owner will follow specific events, and I have observed him tracking a cruise ship departure until it was far out at sea, or following the caretaker of a small island church walking down a pathway back to the town.

Lots of great still pictures too, including many of the ferry arrivals and departures, and it is VERY exciting that this location is very close to the Kouros Hotel where we will be staying.

If you have a chance, check it out at: 


Best hours are late evening (after about midnight Eastern time, 9 pm Pacific time) or early morning (before 10 am Eastern or 7 am Pacific time) in order to watch during daylight hours.  Time zones for Greece are 7 hours ahead of Eastern time (8 hours for Central, 9 hours for Mountain, 10 hours for Pacific).

Satellite Map of Mykonos (from Google)