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Details and registration dates are not yet finalized for Greece 2009.  Please check back!

Cost includes more than you can possibly imagine:

Beginning with a no hassle and worry free arrival in Athens, your driver will find you and carefully and cheerfully transfer you and your belongings to your 5 Star hotel conveniently located in the Plaka district of Athens within walking distance of the Parthenon and a view of the Acropolis (you will pay your own taxi fare back to airport at departure).

All breakfasts are included, even the fabulous and delectable full breakfasts served at the scenic Kouros on Mykonos! All transportation within Greece will be provided such as buses to private tours and ferry rides to all island destinations as well as return to Athens. All private tours with our own private guides are included as well as tickets to the archeological sites of the Acropolis, Delos, and Poseidon’s temple at Cape Sounion. Also provided in your cost is your welcome cocktail and farewell dinner at the Electra Palace’s 5 Star Rooftop Restaurant.

Included is daily and ongoing guidance regarding travel journals and visual journals with workshop facilitator, Juliana Coles. She is present at all sites and outings to assist your quest and is open to all your journaling questions. You will receive five days of intensive Visual Journaling workshops in a private studio at the Kouros Hotel for healing and transformation, plus extended hours open access to studio.

Included in this cost are the amazing 70 page booklets designed by Juliana Coles that detail all of the assignments for documenting this life changing experience. You will also receive a detailed handbook on outdoor sketching, the “Archeologist’s Field Guide” to further assist you in keeping a record of this incredible journey, as well as a generous and juicy retreat care package with 2 packing instructions booklets to answer all your questions, special treats and gifts to assist you on your creative expedition from Echoes Des Voyages (www.echoesdesvoyages.com) one month prior to departure to help you prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

 The fee for this once in a lifetime voyage does not just include the journey itself, it also includes this carefully guided and created workshop designed by Juliana Coles who has twenty years experience in this field. It doesn’t get better than this. This is the trip that keeps on giving... you will remember it for your entire life. The information you will uncover through the visual journaling workshops will stay with you long after the journey has ended. This is all carefully included in your cost.

Travel with us in pursuit of rich love of self, life, personal truth, and the uncovering of dreams by journeying to a land you have always dreamed of traveling to and by taking the steps through guided Visual Journaling

towards uncovering your authentic self.

She is waiting for you is Greece.

She is priceless.


Cost does not include airfare to/from Athens.

If you do not have someone to travel with, we can help assist in matching you with a compatible roommate in double occupancy.

To signup, please email us at info@destinyvoyages.com or
call 505-341-2246 to register.

If you do not have someone to travel with, we can help assist in matching you with a compatible roommate in double occupancy.

Please contact :
info@destinyvoyages.com or 505-341-2246 to register.