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Juliana Coles
Upcoming Workshops

NEW!!!!  Extreme Journalism Summer Retreat Series with Juliana Coles
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Artist’s North Valley Studio

email:  meandpete@msn.com
(Each of these is a separate class.  Complete descriptions and supply lists at meandpete.com)


“Consulting the Oracle:
A Visual Journalist’s Archetypal Deck & Companion Guidebook”

Date:  July 18-19

Extreme Journalism 101: Initiation
Everything you need to know to develop self dialogue through layered, rich pages
for beginners as well as advanced extreme journalists
Date:  July 25-26
Day 1: Morning Session: Repetition. Afternoon Session: Expressive Drawing
Day 2: Word: Lettering for the Extreme Journalist

“School of the Sea”
Date:  August 1-2

Valley Ridge Art Studio, Wisconsin, August 2009

The Black Swan and the Lost Key
Instructor: Juliana Coles
Date: Sat Aug 22, 2009 - Mon Aug 24, 2009

Discover the transformational and healing nature of Extreme Visual Journalism developed by Juliana Coles. Learn to recognize and develop your own personal mythology through the ancient myths, untold stories and faded fairy tales of your life. We gather at this retreat equipped with the compassion of our visual journals; not just as a tool for self expression, but the Secret Key to our rich inner world, full of unique signs, symbols, and golden threads. Within you lies a vast archive of stories and images that are rich with metaphor and energy to assist you on the Black Swan's journey of telling the rare and as yet, untold tale of herself by combining words with art and images in the safe container of a book or journal..

 ImPulsTanz Coaching Project, Vienna Austria
August 2009

 Dance Journal - The fusing of Yoga, Visual Journaling and Performance
Sri Louise & Juliana Coles
August 10-14 | 10:00 - 16:00, Schauspielhaus rehearsal stage Zollergasse

Art & Soul, Portland, Oregon, Sept30-Oct5, 2009



For more information on Juliana Coles workshops, please email:



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